W H O  I S  H E S C H E R ?

Photo by Laura Burlton

Hescher is Cory Sinclair, an electronic musician and performer from Texas. A lover of film and music and a student of theatre for most of his life, he combines cinematic pop-electronica with high energy performance for a dramatic live experience that lingers long after the show has ended. Solid beats, love-drunk lyrics, and dark arpeggios peppered with moments of trance-like euphoria keep bodies moving and hearts swelling.

Inspired by artists like Nonotak Studio and citing wildly varying influences from modern film composer Clint Mansell to LA noise/electro thrashers HEALTH, Hescher's sound and direction might be hard to describe, but combined with an overt fearlessness on stage these elements provide for a truly unique and engaging live experience.

"Who is Hescher?" asks Sinclair, "Hescher is my chance to share with others the beauty of dancing in your dreams. Dreams are like movies, and this one has a beat."


The Rift Single

Listen to Hescher's newest single The Rift HERE / Stream or download for FREE